2021 Municipal Division DATES

Month Meeting 1 Meeting 2
January 7th 21st
February 4th 18th
March 4th ------------
April 1st 15th
May 6th 20th
June 3rd 17th
July 1st 15th
August 5th 19th
September 2nd 16th
October 7th 21st
November 4th 18th
December 2nd 16th

If you are looking for information on your case, Missouri CaseNet allows you to look up your Rogersville Municipal Division case. To visit CaseNet, click on the link below:

Missouri CaseNet

You can look up your case using your name or ticket number. If you have already been to court and pled guilty to your case, you may make payments through the "Pay By Web" feature on CaseNet. To go to CaseNet's "Pay By Web", click on the link below (There is a small fee to use the "Pay By Web" feature.):

Pay By Web

Enter the 30th Circuit into the select court search box. Enter you case number, Confirm your name appears on the selected case and enter your card information.

You may pay by credit or debit card or with your checking account information.
If you have questions, please call Cylene Wallace at 417-753-2884 x321.

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